How to Rent

How to Rent

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To build a rental account with us, please complete the New Rental Account Application and send it to If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Delivery and Project Fee’s

For live events, festivals, special events, and filmed projects, we often receive inquiries from new clients regarding our coordinating fees. To ensure transparency, we've published this information on our site to help clients understand the costs involved.

Primarily, there's increased labor in the back office for coordinating site deliveries. The pricing structure you see on our site is based on "client pickup" for those clients, like major studios, who handle their own pickups with their own drivers under their insurance liability and DOT authority. However, if our team is involved in making deliveries, which we're happy to do, there are significant exposures, liabilities, and back-office work involved. This includes booking our drivers, drug testing them, filing DOT paperwork, obtaining permits, creating driver itineraries, ensuring proper ELD/logs are maintained, maintaining DOT/MC authority, and more. Additionally, we must coordinate and communicate with your team to ensure units are dropped off at the right place and time. Even for "easy setups," we evaluate maps and relay all necessary information to our driving and office teams. We also hold logistics meetings with our install/logistics teams to discuss placement of units, site contacts, designated areas, leveling units, opening them up, and setting them up for use. The coordinating fees or minimum rental periods charged cover these additional operational costs and extra days the trailers are out due to travel/delivery time or other factors.

Furthermore, the pricing structure is based on "client pickup" for clients like major studios, FEMA, etc., who handle their own pickups and have staff to clean and prep the trailers upon pickup and prior to return. For live events, our in-house hospitality team preps and cleans/wraps the trailers upon return.

We hope this explanation provides insight into what's involved, as we aim to bring transparency to these costs.

Payment Terms

  • A 3% Credit Card fee applies to all credit card payments.
  • A $50 wire fee is applicable to all wire transfers.
  • Upon approval, a deposit ranging from 50% to 75% is required to secure equipment rental, with the remaining balance due one to two weeks before delivery or pickup.
  • For projects affiliated with major studios, payment terms should be discussed with the sales representative.
  • Different terms and conditions may apply to festivals, live events, and special occasions.

Security Deposits

A security deposit equivalent to one week's rental at the book rate is required for all equipment on non-major studio projects with NET due on receipt terms. This deposit, such as $1,500 for a one-week rental at $1,500, will be refunded upon completion of check-in without damages, cleaning requirements, or fuel level discrepancies. You must provide your wire/payment information within 30 days of our accounting team's request to receive your deposit refund; failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the security deposit and/or refund.

Refunds Policy

No refunds or credits will be issued for rentals once under contract, regardless of changes in shooting or event dates, project delays, or cancellations, except at the sole discretion of Wheels Up Rentals, LLC.